Bikini and Swimwear Photos & Videos

Bikini models

Our models are a mix of modeling agency girls and independent models who are just getting started. The shoots were done for swimwear designers / manufacturers, for the model's portfolio development, or some just for fun.

NONE of our models are "adult" stars who you'll find on a bunch of other sites. They are REAL models, some of whom had never done swimwear shoots before (or since).

Photos & Videos

We sell still image sets (photos on a CD) and "behind-the-scenes" a.k.a. "making-of" DVDs (we didn't make a video during each photo shoot, so for now we're selling mostly just CDs of pics).

All photos and videos are 100% exclusive to! We shot all of our own content, and have not sold or licensed any of it to anyone else. If you wanna see our girls, you've got to see them here and buy from us.

We'd love to be able to sell downloadable videos and picture sets, but frankly we don't know how... we do photography and video - we're not ecommerce experts.

Coming Soon!

We're just getting up and running. Check back soon for CDs and videos of our swimwear-specific work. Learn some tips and techniques or just have fun watching how a photo shoot works!

See a list of our bikini and swimsuit models.

List by most recent swimwear shoot.